5 off the Radar Italian Destinations for Travelers to Explore This Summer

In this article, we'll delve into five off the radar Italian destinations that promise an unforgettable summer adventure.

When it comes to summer travel, Italy often tops the list of dream destinations. The country's rich history, diverse landscapes, delicious cuisine, and vibrant culture make it a favorite among travelers worldwide. While popular cities like Rome, Venice, and Florence draw millions of tourists each year, there are hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

1. Matera: The Ancient City of Caves

Located in the southern region of Basilicata, Matera is one of Italy's most ancient cities. Carved into the rocks, the "Sassi di Matera" are a UNESCO World Heritage site and a fascinating sight to behold. The labyrinthine alleys, historic churches, and stunning views make it a unique destination for history enthusiasts and photographers alike.

2. San Gimignano: The Medieval Manhattan

Situated in the heart of Tuscany, San Gimignano is a picturesque medieval town known for its impressive towers that rise above the Tuscan countryside. Often referred to as the "Medieval Manhattan," San Gimignano's 14 remaining towers offer breathtaking panoramas and a glimpse into Italy's architectural past.

3. Procida: A Colorful Paradise

While the Amalfi Coast attracts hordes of tourists, the island of Procida, located in the Gulf of Naples, remains relatively undiscovered. Its pastel-colored houses, pristine beaches, and authentic Italian charm create a perfect setting for a relaxing summer getaway.

4. Lecce: The Florence of the South

Lecce, in the southern region of Puglia, is often dubbed the "Florence of the South" due to its wealth of Baroque architecture. The city's intricate façades, historic squares, and warm hospitality make it an excellent choice for travelers seeking a blend of history and culture.

5. Orvieto: A Cliffside Marvel

Perched atop a volcanic plateau in Umbria, Orvieto is a charming town that boasts an impressive Gothic cathedral and an underground world of caves and tunnels. Its cobbled streets, quaint shops, and delightful cuisine make it a hidden treasure for those looking for an authentic Italian experience.

Stepping away from the well-trodden path can lead to unforgettable experiences. These off-the-radar Italian destinations offer a chance to connect with the authentic soul of Italy and create lasting memories. Whether exploring the ancient city of Matera, wandering through the towers of San Gimignano, basking in the colorful beauty of Procida, admiring the Baroque wonders of Lecce, or marveling at the cliffside town of Orvieto, each place offers a unique adventure that promises to enrich the soul.


  1. Can I visit Matera all year round? Yes, Matera's climate is pleasant throughout the year, but the best time to visit is during the spring and summer months.
  2. Are there accommodations available on the island of Procida? Yes, Procida offers a range of accommodation options, from cozy guesthouses to luxury hotels overlooking the sea.
  3. How can I get to San Gimignano? San Gimignano is easily accessible by car or public transportation from major cities in Tuscany.
  4. What are the must-try dishes in Lecce? Lecce is famous for its "pasticciotto" pastries, "orecchiette" pasta, and "rustico" snacks, which are definitely worth trying.
  5. Is Orvieto suitable for a day trip? While a day trip to Orvieto is possible, staying overnight allows you to fully immerse yourself in the town's charm.